Holistic Ayurvedic Bodycare

Use Nature, Heal Your Body

What does Barefoot Healing mean?

It is a philosophy. By melding nature's rhythms with your own, you can start to understand nature’s offerings that can treat your body when it falls out of balance (because it will).

We can find inspiration and treatments through the tides of the oceans, the sun rise and sun set, the behaviors of the animal kingdom, and the characteristics of the plant kingdom.

A barefoot method allows us to steer clear of many common health ailments.

It takes a lot of stress off of our bodies so that toxins do not build up.

Understanding your body and mind's connection to nature gives you enhanced health and vitality. This is truly holistic health that teaches a man to fish, so to speak.

The Barefoot Healer is committed to enhancing the health, productivity and quality of life through therapeutic massage and organic herbalism, AND teaching you what to do for yourself at home.

All treatments are deeply rooted in traditional Ayurvedic practices, giving you the most holistic experience possible.

By harnessing the synergistic effects that exist between massage and herbal treatments, and Ayurvedic Health Counseling, Nikki Paschar has follows an all-natural, environmentally conscious approach to wellness that is effective for preventive care and enhanced well being.

Be your best self. Make your health a priority!

About Nikki


Massage Therapist - Center for Natural Wellness, Albany, NY 2005

I specialize in Ayurvedic Body Treatments (so many different treatments) including Abhyanga, as well as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Cupping, Energy Balancing.

Certified Herbalist - Heartstone Herbal School, Ithaca, NY 2012

As an herbalist, I enjoy handcrafting herbal topical treatments, such as scrubs, muds, wraps, soaks, herbal infused oils, creams, salves & lotions.

Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist - Newport Massage School at S.A.M.A., RI 2017

This training takes spa treatments back to their source for highly effective and therapeutic results, deeply connecting us with nature and our "inner physician".

Ayurvedic Health Counselor - Newport Massage School at S.A.M.A., RI 2018


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How It Works

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What to Expect

It's About Synergy

Massage feels luxurious, AND it is a necessity.

Ayurvedic Health Coaching allows us to see what experiences (not only food) remain undigested, have sat in our tissues and are in need of detoxification. Massage detoxifies.

Plants aid our bodies in natural processes to detoxify. Skin is our largest organ, our first defense, and through it we can enhance our health!

Each session includes a consultation, where we talk about your health, and how your past and current situations play a role in what your mind and body are experiencing today. ​What experiences have you integrated into your mind and body? What lies in wait? Where does your body store it?

Top-Shelf, Handcrafted In-House

Everything used on you is made in house by Nikki and is comprised of all organic ingredients.

Each body treatment includes aromatherapy, and handcrafted herbal infused oils that are applied according to your individual needs by using methods from the ancient Science of Ayurveda.

The herbs used in each session work to unlock physical and emotional tensions. ​The energy work interweaves all services to dispel undigested experiences and emotions.

This is a deeper healing experience than a typical massage, where your body can let go of old stuff that is blocking you up, and can feel rejuvenated.

First Time Clients

On your first visit we do a full Ayurvedic Health Coaching session so that I can get a good picture of your health status and have the most information possible to treat you effectively. We discover your constitution and your dosha (the current element imbalance) so that we follow the correct pathways for you. Please leave 90 min to accommodate for this consultation. Extra time is available. For clients that I have not yet met with, you may book an Abhyanga and/or an herbal foot bath with reiki, as there are absolutely no contraindications or prior health knowledge involved.

Each Session after your first

Please leave 15 minutes to accommodate for a dosha consultation. Even though we have already met and worked together to get a base knowledge, there is always surface stuff that is affecting your wellbeing - your dosha. Extra time is available if needed.

Ayurvedic Health Coaching

Your constitution determines your health history.

The first step to becoming a client. Provides a strong foundation for success.


Foundational Massages

The basis for any of your bodywork sessions.


Additional Services

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